Cooking classes that will help you feed your family and change your life!

Plan, Prep and Prepare delicious meals for your family in 30 minutes or less!  We don't just offer cooking classes, we show you how to have fun with food and feed your family better.

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We are so glad you’re here. We're located in Fort Wayne, Indiana an you’re looking for a better way to feed your family in a fun and quick way, then Shop, Cook & Eat was designed for you!

At Shop, Cook and Eat, the tips and techniques we’ll teach you will equip you to be successful in the kitchen even if you’ve never been serious about cooking or have found cooking to be difficult or just plain boring in the past.

Our mission is simple.  We want to break the cycle of using the gas station or fast food store as the “go to” for feeding your family. Convenience food is very expensive and generally unhealthy. 

Your journey to better food and a happy lifestyle starts now!


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Food as Community


Food has a special ability to bring families together. We find this in our own lives and believe you will find that cooking good food for yourself and your family will begin to break down barriers and add joy to your life each day.  For our family, enjoying food together is usually the most important thing we do every day.

Step-by-Step Cooking


I have been teaching cooking classes for a long time, but that doesn't mean that you need a ton of cooking experience to follow my recipes. I work to make my recipes interesting for advanced cooks but totally doable for beginners.  Everyone can be successful using the principles of Shop, Cook & Eat.  

Paula Kaufman, Founder

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