About Us

Everyone can learn to plan, prepare and cook great food!


We began with one goal in mind...to help women figure out how to learn culinary and life skills that they could use to take better care of themselves and their families



Great food that everyone loves doesn't have to be complicated.  It just needs to be delicious...and quick to make!



When family and friends come together to cook, joy happens.  And when kids get the right food in their stomachs, they change!

Recipes and Tips

Many of the folks that come to us at Shop, Cook and Eat are so busy they can't figure out ways to keep food on the table for themselves and their families.  Frustration sets in and they default to the easiest way...fast food.  Shop, Cook and Eat is a process that, if you follow it, you'll quickly find that you and your family will be healthier and happier.  Let's jump in.